Kent Clothier
Kent is the founder and CEO of Real Estate Worldwide, where leads an amazing team of individuals that are focused on building disruptive systems that push the entrepreneur dream and the real estate industry forward. Beyond being the son of an entrepreneur and a serial entrepreneur by nature, he is a proud husband and father of three amazing kids, dedicating his business life and ventures towards awaking the human spirit in all of us and inspiring thousands of entrepreneurs to escape the “rat race,” creating the dream lives that they’ve always wanted.

His core values are integrity, ideas, companies and products that allow entrepreneurs to not only “learn” what it takes to live a successful live on every level, but the tools and strategies to create real change on a daily level. "I feel as though we have a gift and it is our responsibility to share that gift with the world and insure that people respond. I stand against the nay-sayers and the dream killers. 

I stand against ideas, dogma, and businesses that prey on the weak minded and in cultivating a 'herd mentality’.